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Stopping Seizures

Seizures can begin at any time when a cancer patient has metastases to the brain. Growth of any sort inside the skull causes pressure. When "water-holding", or edema, occurs in the brain, this causes increased pressure. A scan of the brain might show that the midline is no longer straight, but pushed to one side, which is evidence of pressure against it.

Even without cancer, irritation of the seizure center by nearby Ascaris eggs or larvae, or by the natural food dye malvin, is always seen in seizures. This same dye is in plastic teeth, toothbrushes, processed food and any plastic utensil or object.

After cleaning up the kidneys, and stopping any dye from getting into your mouth, you can clear up the brain of dyes and Ascaris. This always stops seizures. But to stop them permanently requires several weeks of patience as mistakes are made in food selection and finding kitchenware that does not seep dyes. Toothbrushes and other small plastic items can be hardened by soaking '/2 hour in steaming hot water. Repeat this. Of course, plastic teeth must be hardened immediately (by tooth zappication) to stop the flow of dyes from them (they even contain malvin!). Malvin is found in blue and red foods (see Food Table). After these clean ups, take-out drops of malvin can be made for the cerebrospinal fluid*. Often the body removes it without this help.

Meanwhile, seizure control can be started by making a set of Stop-Seizure Drops, consisting of:

1. GABA drops. Copy gama amino butyric acid from pure powder emptied into a bottle or tablets with pure water added.
2. Phenytoin drops: Copy the pure powder. Do not copy a colored tablet or capsule; it may contain malvin.
3. Phenobarbital: Copy the pure powder. Do not copy a colored tablet or capsule; it may contain malvin.

Take 6 drops of each, leaving 1 minute between them.
If seizures do not stop after all this, you are still getting malvin (from your toothbrush?) or Ascarism is spreading. Kill Ascaris by starving both varieties, besides other methods discussed in earlier books. Seizures can return if the tumor is growing, or you are eating malonic acid, which causes effusates (edema) in the brain.

Stop taking the seizure drops before they put you to sleep instead. If seizures are not gone after 4 or 5 days you are actively causing them. Remove more causes.

(from: The Prevention of all Cancer, pages 375-376;Copyright notice)

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